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May 23, 2019
For More Information, Contact: Peter De Young
Executive Director of the California Fresh Farmers Market Association 


Fresno County IS and HAS BEEN The GARLIC CAPITAL of the United States for Decades.  Local Group is Planning a Major Annual FOOD FESTIVAL Event to Celebrate This Delicious Spice – Holding Inaugural Event Next Week in Fresno!

FRESNO, CA. FRESNO ORGANIZERS TO HOLD INAUGURAL “FRESNO GARLIC FESTIVAL” ON MAY 28, 2019 (next week) from 4pm to 10pm at the River Park Shopping Center.

“Gilroy has always been known as the “Garlic Capital of the World, but the reality is that Fresno County grows nearly 35 times the Garlic than Santa Clara County (where Gilroy is located).  According to crop records of the Department of Food and Agriculture, Fresno County grows more than 140,000 TONS OF GARLIC to Gilroy’s less than 3800 tons.” Said Peter De Young, the Executive Director of the California Fresh Farmers Market Association.

The fact is that Gilroy processes Garlic - this the delicious smell that hits you when you drive through town.  That region previously grew much more garlic, but due to soil and other issues, focused on processing Garlic grown primarily in other regions.  China is the world leader of Garlic production, but FRESNO COUNTY IS THE TRUE GARLIC CAPITAL OF THE UNITED STATES.

Organizers of the Fresno Garlic Festival will hold their first festival at the famous (and newly expanded) River Park Farmers Market at Fresno’s prestigious River Park Shopping Center. This is the Valley’s largest and best attended year-round farmers market that takes the traditional farmers market to a whole new delicious level.  Not only do they offer more than 300 different varieties of fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, nuts, honey, herbs and spices, but they also offer hundreds of other locally baked, fire roasted, toasted, grilled, steamed, and created specialty foods to attendees.  It has become known as the Valley’s most delicious Farmers Market.

De Young added, “We love the Gilroy Garlic Festival, it’s a fabulous event, but they have worn the crown long enough.  It’s time our local growers take it home. The Gilroy Garlic Festival had humble beginnings, just like ours.  Next week’s event is already attracting garlic lovers from all corners of the State. Organizers expect thousands to attend the six-hour event.


Next week’s event will offer more than 100 Garlic themed items for people to sink their teeth into - from grilled garlic shrimp, 5 delicious takes on garlic fries to garlic calamari, four varieties of garlic pesto pastas, garlic bacon cheese burgers, garlic kettle corn, garlic egg rolls, garlic pot stickers, garlic steak sandwiches, garlic breads, garlic chicken, pork and lamb, garlic tacos, sweet garlic cream filled cannoli’s, garlic butter slathered roasted corn, garlic smoked wild Alaskan salmon, garlic burritos and quesadillas, and yes... even FREE GARLIC ICE CREAM!  A 15’ tall inflatable garlic bulb will be positioned at the center of the festival for some great pictures.  

The event admission is FREE and will feature three live bands, FREE BOUNCE HOUSES AND OTHER CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES, AND MUCH MORE!

The market will also offer hundreds of other non-garlic related items, fresh fruits and vegetables, arts and crafts, jams and jellies, local honeys and much more.

Interviews with the event coordinators are available in studio prior to the event.  Please call to coordinate.


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